Naturally Japanese

Are you curious about superfoods?

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Deliciously Tuscan

Are there any other ways to use olive oil?

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Mayo Chef

A romantic story

The origins of mayo: pure romance! 

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A true delicacy

What makes Cocktail sauce, real Cocktail sauce? 

The secret ingredient


We were the first!

Andalouse made its first appearance in stores more than 40 years ago. 

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A touch of India

The search for the perfect Curry.

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Don’t extinguish with water!

Mouth on fire? 

Find out the best thing to do

Pepper sauce

Paying with pepper and salt

In the old days, herbs and spices were a form of money. 

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Cutting onions without tears

What works? 

Discover our onion tricks!


Only ripe pineapples

Brasil only contains ripe pineapples. 



Ovenless bread

Pita bread is baked without an oven. 

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With canola oil

Healthy, natural and delicious.

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Américaine Maison

Full of herbs

Our Américaine Maison is packed with herbs and capers.

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Dangerously spicy…

Wondering what the name Banzai actually means? 

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Américaine Chef

How do they do it?

What gives La William Américaine Chef its special flavour?

Discover the secret!

Mayo Traiteur

A romantic story

The origins of mayo: pure romance! 

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Spicy sauce

The perfect accompaniment to all kinds of meat.

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La William, taste is everything

La William was the pioneering company behind the first Andalouse and Brasil sauces on the market. We are always looking for the best possible taste at La William, and you can taste it in our sauces.

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  • The shortest route to Basil’up!

    Enter your postcode and you’ll see right away where you can find hamburgers and fries with Basil’up.

  • Mayella & Anema

    Once again, new flavours from the inventor of Andalouse.

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