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Tzigana is a spicy sauce with onions, bell peppers and gherkins and is the perfect accompaniment to all kinds of meat, whether hot or cold. It is delicious with red meat such as lamb and steak, but is also superb with pork and white meat, such as turkey.

Why not try tagliatelle with Tzigana sauce? It’s sublime!
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water, vinegar, sugar, onions, gherkins, tomato powder, salt, red and green paprika, herbs (celery seed),  malt vinegar (contains barley), melasse, soy sauce (contains wheat), lemon juice, glucose-fructose syrup, anchovy, spices extract, tamarind, herbs extract, spices.

Stabilizing agents:  guar gum, locust bean gum.
Conserving agents: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.
Colouring agents: caramel

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A centuries-old story

The recipe for our Tzigana sauce is inspired by the traditional Hungarian dish goulash, or gulyás.

The word gulyás is now known throughout the world, and originally means "herdsman".
Gulyás is actually a thin soup, flavoured with onions and bell peppers, which travelling herdsmen prepared on the plains when their herds were grazing.
The emphasis was on ingredients that kept well and were easy to carry.

Did you know that the word “paprika” (pepper) also originates from Hungarian? On top of this, it is also worth knowing that bell peppers are full of vitamin C and have a positive effect on our digestive system.

Pieces of fresh bell pepper combined with onions and gherkins create the unique flavour of La William’s Tzigana.

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